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Painting Contractor in Gilbert Painting Contractor in San Tan Valley Truly Painting & More LLC is a locally owned and operated business which has helped keep Arizona colorful and beautiful for many years. We are painting contractors for both residential and commercial customers. We consistently deliver the highest quality services at very competitive prices, working with honesty, integrity, and always with a smile. We ensure optimum quality at affordable pricing, and this is something that differentiates us from our competitors. We value our customers and ensure optimum satisfaction for them: Using only high quality painting materials blended with our most innovative techniques and styles. Truly Painting & More LLC can give your home or business a fresh, new, innovative, fashionable and sophisticated look. Experience a new level of quality and customer service with Truly Painting & More LLC

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Licensed, bonded & insured/Arizona R.O.C 314418

Protect yourself

When getting recommendations from friends and family for contractors, you may come across one that is unlicensed. A bid from an unlicensed contractor may be much lower than those from licensed contractors promising to do the same work. It may sound appealing to save money if you can still get great workmanship, but this is where many consumers fall into the trap. Hiring the cheapest contractor may cost you more in the long run.

In most circumstances, unlicensed contractors offer lower quotes because they do not pay a licensing fee, or obtain a bond to protect their work, and in many cases, don’t purchase liability or workers compensation insurance. Without these expenses, the unlicensed contractor can offer a lower rate. 

Although, a licensed contractor may not do better work than an unlicensed one, the risk of hiring an unlicensed contractor is too great for homeowners. Here’s why: 

Basic Protection

Acquiring a license in a specific field demonstrates that the person has at least a minimal level of competence in that field. That doesn’t mean that a licensed contractor will be the absolute best, but it does show that the person working on your home has more experience than that gained from simply watching TLC and Discovery programs on home renovation and thinking they can do that type of skilled work. Would you hire a doctor or lawyer that was unlicensed? 

A licensed contractor is required to participate in arbitration hearings if any disputes arise. The Arizona Registar of Contractors State  Board keeps and publishes complaints against contractors. This is important because it allows perspective clients to research a contractor and read about other consumer experiences. In addition, if a contractor receives enough complaints the contractor could possibly lose their license. 

Protecting Property Values 

Many home projects require permits to complete the work, but unlicensed contractors may not always apply and obtain the proper paperwork for projects. This could be very detrimental to the homeowner. When selling a home, specific facts must be disclosed to the buyers. Unpermitted work, especially if it’s not to code, could impact the value of the property and failing to disclose information could lead to liability of the seller. In addition, since an unlicensed contractor rarely has liability insurance or a bond, if any work needs to be re-done, the burden falls on the homeowner. 

Injury Protection 

An unlicensed contractor may not have workers compensation insurance, and if hired by a homeowner, the homeowner then becomes the employer and is responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur on their property. A simple home improvement project could turn into a bill for tens of thousands more, all because the homeowner hired an unlicensed contractor. 

Protection from Damage to Third Parties

Not only does hiring an unlicensed contractor come with risks to the homeowners property and injury to workers, but can also make the homeowner liable for the contractor’s negligence. A contractor that is negligent of a neighboring property, a passerby or other property that is damaged may result in the homeowner being responsible for the contractor’s actions while employed.

The most important thing for a homeowner to remember is to protect themselves and their assets, which is why it’s so important to hire a licensed professional.

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Why hire Truly Painting & More LLC


Our prices are always competitive~ We do this by organizing each job for maximum efficiency. Every employee has been personally trained to perform his job in the correct order and to apply the best painting technique for each individual painting need. By applying this painting method along with the best tools and products for each job, we save time, and that saves YOU money!

Preperation & quality products

Thorough surface preparation, correct and experienced paint application, and top quality products like Dunn Edwards and others, help to insure a long lasting job. By consistently applying these three components we continue to improve our professional painting services to all of our customers interior and exterior house painting or tenant improvement painting needs.


Every job is guaranteed in writing, and more importantly, we will be there to back it up in the years to come. Our list of satisfied customers is our most important asset! Contact us today for a free painting estimate for all of your professional painting needs.

Clean & efficient

In the painting business, efficiency counts! We carry a large supply of tarps, plastic sheeting, taping machines and other materials that will be required for all your interior and exterior house painting or tenant improvement projects. This insures that the slightest amount of paint over-spray does not drift on top of driveways, walkways, patios, or landscaping and that all areas are left neat and clean upon completion.