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3 Modern Tips for Feature Walls

In this blog, we will provide “3 Modern Tips for Feature Walls” that helps you to give your house an elegant look.

Handy Use of Brick & Rocks 

Brick & rock feature walls need specialized skills, so we would highly-recommend hiring a skilled painting contractor in this case. In some cases, leaving exposed brick in old homes was less expensive to repair damaged plaster. These kinds of feature walls can be used in a modern way and can develop an industrial feel too.

Make Use Of Creative Wallpapers 

Wallpaper had a huge impact in the 1960’s and it seems to be making a comeback in the 2020’s. It can be a huge challenge when it comes to rolling it on and removing it, but making it the important point in a room – rather than using it on all walls  it can be more eye-catching. The best thing is that there are so many ways when it comes to wallpaper in terms of design and color. Making use of wallpaper behind a bed in the master bedroom can be the best option.

Timber Panelling or Shelving 

Timber walls can give an elegant look, especially when contrasted with concrete or tiled walls. And, also it offers various choices with wide and narrow boards, different types of timber frames and the various options to paint. Building wall shelves is another good way to go because it combines elegance and homely charm.

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