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Whether you’re painting your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even  bathroom, the cost of house paint can vary dramatically, leaving everybody to wonder how to select the right paint for painting your house walls. How should you save money and go for the cheapest on the shelf, or will that mean you will end up sacrificing quality and as well as durability?

Or should you shell out the big-bucks for the most expensive painting options, or will that mean you are getting charged too much for quality that a less-costly paint could deliver? 

What to Know About Cheaper Paint 

In comparison to costlier paints cheaper paints cost less, and that may seem like a bonus for us. But don’t judge a book by cover.It will likely only be an upfront bonus. That’s because less-costly paint normally requires that you buy more of it.

Less-expensive paint contains lower solids content, which reduces the paint capability to provide even coverage. You will end up needing to buy more-n-more paint to get a more even coverage on the wall. Otherwise, you will be left with uneven patches. 

What to Know About Expensive or Costly Paint 

The more-expensive or costly paints, on the other hand, will provide you better coverage. It’s necessary to know that paint is made-up of solvent (i.e. water or alkyd), pigment, and binder.

The solvent dissipates as soon as the paint dries, and the pigment and binder remain, with the binder holding the pigment together. The binder and as well as pigment are the solids in a can of paint, and the more that is present, the better coverage you are going to get on your wall.

The case for costly paint becomes even stronger when you are  painting over a dark color with a transparent base, as opposed to a white base that was found in lighter colors.

A transparent base found in darker colors is slightly harder to paint over. You will end-up needing to use probably three or more coats of expensive paint to get a better, smooth, even coverage on your house wall. 

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