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Truly Painting and More

Always Go For Best-Quality Paint & Painting Tools

Whenever we go for a low-quality paint, we can’t expect top-notch results. What we get it’s low quality result when ...
A blue room with white accents and sofa

Top Paint Colors for Your Baby’s Room

In this blog we will give a quick review of basic color theory and how you can apply this theory ...
How to paint shiplap in seven steps

DIY- How to Paint Shiplap in Just Seven Steps

Things required for a shiplap painting project: Drop cloth, House Paint, Sandpaper and good-quality Paint Brush (palm sander), paint roller, ...
Difference of whitewash from limewash

What Is Whitewashing? How is it differ from Limewash?

Whitewashing demands applying a water-based paint that we mix with water. Apply it in fine layers with a large as ...
A patio with a ceiling fan, chairs, and tables

How Natural Light Impacts On Paint Colors

Natural light or Sunlight that enters through your windows displays the correct representation of colors—for better or worse. That’s why ...
Painters tape being removed from a white wall

Proper Ways to Make Use of Painters Tape to Paint a Straight Line on a House Wall

Here are the crucial steps to take for that smooth straight- line even in the center of a painting area:  ...
Three men cleaning tall windows

Interior-Exterior House Painting Amidst COVID-19

Life has become tough since the past  8 months. We have asked to work from home and we can’t move ...
A porch being painted dark brown

Proper Way To Paint Wooden Porch

For a proper painting of a wooden surface, firstly you need to sweep and wipe it down, you will also ...
An open garage door

Important Steps to Keep Your Garage Clean?

We always look to  keep our homes clean, but we don't recognize that our garages can easily become dirty. Whenever ...
A bedroom with rolled up towels

It’s Time To Repaint Guest Room

Time has finally arrived . Summer season is going to be over and it's time for winter arrivals, and also ...
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