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How Natural Light Impacts On Paint Colors

Natural light or Sunlight that enters through your windows displays the correct representation of colors—for better or worse. That’s why colors often appear different on your walls in sunlight than they did under the electricity bulb’s. 

While selecting paint colors, must consider the size and number of windows, as well as their directional placement: 

Southern-facing windows generally provide the most intense natural light, which can be harsh on sunny afternoons. Mainly pale colors and whites might seem to be faded or dull, but darker colors may appear brighter and glowing. 

Rooms in houses with north-facing windows provide indirect natural light, infusing the space with a warm, light tone that remains more consistent throughout the day. Dark colors often appear more darker and light colors may be slightly muted.

Windows that face east allows lots of natural light in your room usually in the mornings but are generally darker later in the day. Dark colors will come energetic in the bright morning light, but may have a shabby-effect as the morning light fades. 

West-facing rooms are generally darker in the morning, and are bathed in rich yellow or golden tones of the late afternoon. Red or yellow colors may be a better option on bright, sunny days. 

Every house has its own unique lighting patterns that will have a huge impact on interior colors. Other factors that we need to consider is the climate that you live-in and seasonal light fluctuations. Most importantly, colors should be appealing to you under a variety of lighting conditions. 

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