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Important Steps to Keep Your Garage Clean?

We always look to  keep our homes clean, but we don’t recognize that our garages can easily become dirty. Whenever we think about cleaning and organizing our garage we become a little bit lazy. Because it could take as long as our entire weekend to complete, cleaning the garage could give us quite the peace of mind. 

From where we need to start? 

First question came to our mind when we were going to clean the garage ”From where we need to start?”. We will say that the best way to start is by hauling everything out of our garage. This means removing lawn mowers, tools, bikes, shovels, boxers, and all of that other stuff in our garage. 

Blow It Out 

We may notice that our garage smells nasty, so it’s time to take some necessary action. Leave the garage door open for several hours (at least 4-5 hours) to air out your space while running some fans or exhaust to blow out as much air as possible. This can also be the best time to organize our garage tools.


Try to Deodorize/Sanitize with undiluted white vinegar to keep the garage clean. Undiluted vinegar could make our eyes watery, but it’s nontoxic. Once the garage walls are dry, the odor fades away. 

Remove Oil Spots

Oil spots can be easily removed by mixture (i.e. mixing half-cup of laundry detergent with a bucket of lukewarm water for tiny stains). If there are large stains, try applying the detergent mixture to the large stains and leave it for overnight and rinse with water next day.

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