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Add a Little Color to Your World

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Paint for the Elegance of Your House

Most of us are not aware that certain style houses traditionally have distinct colors that suit them perfect. These colors tend to focus the architectural features of the house and make them stand out. What style of home do you own and is it painted in the way that highlights its character? Here are some styles of homes with their fancy colors- 

Cottage Home 

Small gardens & white picket fences are often found with these types of homes. Colors which are most suitable for cottage homes are those which reflect the beauty of the nature surrounding. Blue-greys can give a subtle yet interesting backdrop for a well-kept yard and flower gardens. You can also use neutral colors for these types of houses and make it perfect with using bold colors on doors and windows. 

Colonial Revival 

Most colonial revival homes have a perfect mix of textures and interesting architectural features. In these types of houses we can go with a nice base color on the bottom and a deeper contrasting color on top. Make the look connected with a light or white trim throughout. 

English Cottage 

The English Cottage is one of the classic styles homes that lends itself well to an update with ultra modern colors. A light field color with bold or darker trim brings out the uncommon features of the home. 


Classic white with black shutters tells the story of farmhouse style. This color combination has cleared the test of time and still makes this style of homes look more sophisticated, elegant and beautiful. 


These types of homes with stucco can be easily seen in tropical climates painted in bright pastels with shutters in correlative colors and trim is yet a third tone. This mix of color gives the home an airy & festive feeling. 


The simple natural look  of ranch homes lends itself easily to warm, earthy neutrals with dark/bold contrasting colors for trim. Such types of homes often have stone as part of their façade so select a color to boost this signature feature. 


This style of home has a very realistic look. Going with that feel, earth-tones help to maintain the organic look of the craftsman style home. Warm neutrals make this style of home stand out with its classical design.

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