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Proper Way To Paint Wooden Porch

For a proper painting of a wooden surface, firstly you need to sweep and wipe it down, you will also need to wait for the wood to totally clean and dry before moving to next steps. Depending on the weather in Arizona, this can take some time. Don’t be in a hurry, because the paint will not dry and cure properly if the painting surface isn’t fully clean and dry. 

Once you find the surface is completely clean and dry, it’s time to scratch-out any existing paint on the porch. The best way to do this is to make use of a paint remover solution to scratch-out the old paint. Also make sure you must wear protective goggles and a mask for safety while you are at work. After scratching the old paint you need to take painters tape and line the area that you don’t want any paint to touch such as edges/siding. 

Once you place the tape, it’s time to prime, but make sure you use an exterior primer; you can easily find these through any paint shop. Just like with sweeping, you need to start on the opposite side of the porch so you don’t step on wet paint as you walk back. Wait for some time until the primer dries and then move on to the next step. 

After the primer is completely dry, you can apply your fancy paint color. Make use of a high-quality porch specific paint is quite important because these paints are designed to fight with outdoor weather conditions and wear and tear. After your first paint coat dries completely which can take up-to 7-8 hours, move ahead for the second coat.

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