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Queries to Ask Your House Painting Contractors

Before you decide on a painting contractors to do any major painting project on your house, you should do a little research on the painting contractors or company.Checking the references and customer reviews are all important to make sure you find a reliable, best painter for your house painting project. However, it is not only about the standard of work they will provide. You also want to know a little bit more about the people that will be spending a few days working on your property.

Here are some important queries questions you should ask your potential painting contractors.

Are Your Workers Subcontractors or Employees?

There is a huge difference between an employee and subcontractor, mostly when it comes to liability. Subcontractors are not covered by the company’s insurance policy. Which means if they do not have their own insurance, and they are injured during work or cause damage to your house, you may be liable, not the painting contractors. You want to ensure the painting contractor you hire has workers who are owned by the company and the company has the proper insurance to cover all workers which are working on your property for injury or damage.

Do You Execute Background Checks?

Sadly, there are many house painting companies that hire employees who may have immoral pasts. You need a painting contractor that do thorough background checks on their employees to dig out potential threats to their customers.

Who Will Be My Query Responder Person?

Simple and professional communication before, during, and after the painting project is completed is more important. Screen out if you will have a manager that will be in direct contact with you to answer queries. You need to know there is someone overseeing every side of your house painting project and make sure the crew will meet the time deadlines.

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