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The Adverse Effect of Paint in Human Health

To deeply understand the adverse effect that paint can have on our health, we need to understand the materials of traditional paints. There are many types of paint available in the market, but they are basically a mix of chemicals, some of which can cause serious health problems.High VOC paints for instance have been linked to a huge numbers of health problems including headaches, irritated skin, eyes and airways, allergic and asthmatic reactions and also put stress on vital organs such as heart. Water based paints are a much better option for painting purposes in comparison to high VOC paints, yet many VOC paints are still being sold on the market. So if you are going for or doing your own paint work, definitely keep this in your mind! 

Lead is another chemical that can be easily found in older painted surfaces, as it was used in many paints prior to 1975. This toxic chemical can cause huge problems in the body system for example neuro-logical, haematological, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and renal systems. According to a report of the World Health Organisation, every year 100 thousands of  people die because of the toxic effect of lead. Lead can be a hazard for kids if they can chew it from windows or doors and older homes so that’s why it is necessary to inspect for this dangerous chemical. 

However there are many chemical test kits available in the market. An economical way of testing is using Portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry which can give you a precise result if you’re doing a small task. Many times you need to stick with the trusted brands and check the ingredients if you can. We all need to be aware about the health risk of high VOC paints, especially when it comes to DIY. Kids are especially vulnerable so always go with water based products! Surely, we always encourage DIY painting work, but going with a professional painting contractor will be a better option. Finding a painting contractor in Arizona is not a difficult task. There are some good quality painting companies available such as Truly painting & More.

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