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Things You Need To Carry Before Going For House Painting Job

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In this blog, we will tell you “what things you must carry before heading for a house painting job”.

Drop Cloths/Paper- This is the most necessary thing you must have before going for a painting job, but as well as putting out sheets on the floor, you should consider a plastic covering for furniture. This provides them with the most protection and ensures your DIY painting experience doesn’t end due to any hassle. 

Big Bucket- For a big room where many litres of paint are required, it can be inefficient to have to keep mixing cans. Having a single big bucket can be ideal to ensure consistent color all over the room, as you are only using one mix. 

Tape Measure- If you’re doing the paint job yourself instead of going with a painting contractor – so obviously you want to get it done as inexpensively as much you can. It is necessary to know about  how much paint you’ll need for the painting and your tape measure is your best tool to help you find out. After all, you don’t want to buy extra paint which you don’t need. Measure the room’s length, width and height and keep in mind that a litre of paint covers roughly 14-15 square metres, and you will  have a rough idea of how much paint you should need to buy. 

Hole Filler- If you are looking for a clean, smooth finish you need to keep a hole filler on hand. This tool allows you to scrape always loose paint and fill cracks, holes or gaps that inevitably come out. 

Painters’ Tape- Having tape is necessary for any interior job; it can be used to protect trim and walls that you don’t want to paint just yet. Masking tape can be a good option, though it has much stronger adhesion properties, which can make it ideal for painting tasks. 

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