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Top Paint Colors for Your Baby’s Room

In this blog we will give a quick review of basic color theory and how you can apply this theory to select the best paint color for your baby’s room;

Orange – Orange color makes us feel soothing, relaxing and cozy. This color provides convenient feelings while encouraging inter-personal observation.

Blue – Like Orange color, Blue can also make us feel calming and relaxing. If you have a kid who is prone to fussiness, a blue color could help. Blue color is also known for increasing productivity, because it helps us to reduce  offset feelings of stress associated with work load. 

Pink – This is the color which is favourite of most of the girls. Pink is very relaxing and calming as well, especially with kids who are prone to having tantrums.

Yellow – For yellow color we can say that  it is a naturally happy color, reminding observers of the sun. It’s uplifting and has bright light, but use with caution. Too much bright yellow color can cause exasperation for a newborn baby and toddlers. Precise uses of yellow color can help to energize concentration and emotionally charged thoughts.

White – White is celestial and as well as sweet. If you are seeking a room full of personality, but want to keep the room walls cool, use splashes of colors in the bedding, also we can use wall art and other accessories.Green – A green complexion is best to use to make a good learning aura. It provides prosperity, health, peace, thinking and concentration.

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