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What Could One Can Do to Get Rid of New Paint Smell?

Newly Paint houses can be exciting because as everything looks fresh, clean and energetic. Unfortunately though, after your house walls are painted, you may feel a strong paint smell. Those persons who are sensitive to scents/chemicals may be most affected, while some others can even get sick from it. Luckily there are some tips and tricks that can be applied to get rid of the smell in no time. Here are some simple ways to get rid of the new paint smell in your house quickly.


Charcoal is one of the better odor absorbers due to its porous texture. And it’s also natural, so you don’t need to worry about any chemicals. Try to place some bowls of crushed charcoal around the painting area, and after some time, the smell will be better. 

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is also a great natural deodorizer. The main advantage it has over charcoal is that it is much simpler to find and is much cheaper. Simply place it around your house and wait for sometime so it absorbs the smell. 

Water & Lemon 

Water and lemon is another truly cheaper way to get rid of the paint smell from your house. And unless you don’t like the clean citrus scent of lemons, it should be totally best for you. Simply fill a bucket with water and squeeze some lemon slices. Leave it the whole night for best results. 


Vinegar is a chemical solution that many people are unsure about due to its scent.But it is a great deodorizer. If you prefer this, ensure you use smaller amounts and don’t leave it out for a long time. Also, ensure that you do not spill in your carpet, or the smell will be around longer time.


Most people often think about burning candles to help mask the scent. However, you don’t need to cover up the smell; you want it to go away. Fortunately, candles can actually do that as well. The candle flame will absorb any smells in the air, and if you use a scented candle, it will smell good as well.


We can always use a fan to keep the rooms well ventilated. We should also keep  our windows open if the weather permits. A constant flow of clean air is the most important thing. 

Talk to Your Painting Contractor 

Hiring a painting contractor will not only make sure that the painting job is done well, but they are also there to help you out. You can always ask them for special tips/suggestions they have about what to do for the smell.

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