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Painting and Coating Services in Arizona

Our services at Truly Painting & More LLC range from residential painting, commercial painting, exterior painting and interior painting to cabinet refinishing, wood staining, floor coatings, Wainscoting, and roof coating.

Quality Painting

Exterior Painting

For exterior projects, the areas to be painted are either power washed or hand washed to remove dirt and mildew. Careful preparation is key to a beautiful, lasting paint job. When painting the exterior of your home..

Interior Painting

For your interior painting project, we will fill cracks and holes in ceilings and walls, seal stains, and scuff-sand surfaces. We prime repaired areas and apply premium quality paint for a uniform finish.


Cabinet Refinishing

Our expert will meet you to uncover your needs and look over samples to provide an on-site estimate.

Once you have emptied your cabinets, our crew will arrive to carefully cover your countertops with padding and disassemble your cabinet doors, so they can be taken to our shop. At the shop, we go the extra mile by washing, patching, sanding, and applying multiple coatings of our proprietary product to fill in the wood grain for a stunning furniture-quality finish.

We will prepare to spray your cabinet frames by first covering any walls and appliances with protective sheeting. Just like your doors, we will wash, sand, and apply multiple coatings to your cabinet frames.

We will reassemble your cabinets as well as install other improvements such as new high-quality soft-close door tracks and hinges, hardware knobs/handles, and more. Once complete, we’ll walk through how to care for your new dream cabinets.

Wood Staining

We can help stain any kind of wood surface or structure you have. Our pros offer several color and style options for your wood staining needs.

Truly Painting and More

Floor Coatings

We offer many varieties of colors and custom formulations of beautiful solid color flooring solutions. We also have vast experience in installing high impact industrial and commercial granite chip epoxy floor options. We also handle urethane floor coatings and metallic epoxy floor systems, if a more modern look is desired such as an entertainment room, weight room, restaurant floor, patios virtually any floor system that you want a highly unique look.

We also work with concrete overlay systems. Polymer modified concrete overlays can be used to create tile finishes and textured finishes with and without expansion joints, faux flagstone, slate, and that are suitable for residential and commercial, interior, and exterior use.

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